Savage Beauty

With much excitement I made my way through the doors of the MET and cruised toward the exhibit I never have dreamed I would ever experience. Considering the fact that the closest I have ever been to pieces from an actual runway show were on my computer screen watching livestreams from the designer’s websites, you can only imagine my excitement over being so close to the very garments that convinced me of where my passion harvests and what I hope my future may hold. I was bewildered by the performance art that was always excellently executed, although sometimes misinterpreted, that provided an essence of classical appreciation through modernized old fashion “frocks” of romanticism and theology with crucifixion portrayals through artĀ imprintingĀ on various garments among other unique creations. I almost forgot that I was looking at clothing collections rather than an exhibit of paintings. I was seeing something so sacred in person that in the past I’ve only witnessed from my computer, and now I truly understand and appreciate Alexander McQueen not only for the designer he was, but the artist he will forever be remembered for.

If you want to have a fabulous experience please sign this petition to have this exhibit travel worldwide !! http://www.change.org/petitions/please-make-alexander-mcqueens-savage-beauty-a-traveling-exhibition


For it to return to London


A small preview