Grunge Hair

Last week i did Laura Hair in ma salon located in Harrods Knighstbridge .
I think it s always difficult to get the perfect grunge effect all the time it looks too done and not punk enough .

My Way I bleach it in 2 time First Time at White Powder bleach @20vol for 40 minutes . i usualy use Platinium from Loreal Professionnal . Then a Second time , with the Blue Platinium at 30 Vol for 30 minutes. But i dont Aply the Secon bleach on the Root just really on the ends . so i keep sure my middle lenght stays Quite Yellowishh . i rinse and while i do my conditionner i mix some pure pigment of greens and blue ( for Laura color) and just cumb it thrue the hair . then you get some white highlights some yellow some green and some blue . and this is what i call punk hair cos it look like she s done it by herself , but of course she couldnt haha !