The Art of Hair Extension With Hairdreams !

Since i Started working with Hair extension i only work with one and only quality of hair from the brand Hairdreams it s very important for me to give my client , my design and celebrities the best quality of hair extensions. here is some information i found on Hairdreams website which will help you to answer some of your question on hair extensions.
Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling ideas with effect strands.

Anything is possible with HAIRDREAMS top-quality human hair and professional hair extension and hair thickening systems.

Experience the excitement and discover the new Hairstyle Trends 2010! The new looks can be achieved for any hair using Hairdreams hair extensions.

General Questions about Hair Extensions
Where does the hair come from?

Hairdreams attaches great importance to the choice of its hair. You can choose from the two different hair qualities Hairdreams 7 star SPECIAL and Hairdreams 5 star: The luxurious Hairdreams 7 star SPECIAL quality is raw hair of European type in all natural colors ranging from blonde to dark brown, which come from all over the world. Specially trained Hairdreams representatives select and collect this hair according to highest quality standards. This hair has to be virgin hair (neither colored nor chemically treated) and it can’t be damaged in any way. After it has been collected, the raw hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted, hair by hair, in an elaborate and labor-intensive process. This process of hand-selection takes about 10 days for an average hair extension.
Altogether Hairdreams Special Hair passes through a very complex 15-step process.
Hundreds of hands ensure that our product meets our standard of perfect quality and highest satisfaction.

We make this enormous effort so that the color of the hair only has to be changed slightly in order to match the natural hair spectrum. The refinement process puts such minimal chemical strain on it that one can really almost speak of virgin hair. The result: Hairdreams Special is the absolute indulgence in hair extensions because it has not been chemically lightened and therefore has retained its perfectly elastic surface. For you, the client, it is important that Hairdreams Special Hair can be re-used for up to two years depending on hair style and care.

Hairdreams 5 star is a very good hair quality. This hair is made from black human hair, which comes primarily from India and the bordering countries.
This black hair is not collected by Hairdreams representatives, but purchased from wholesalers. Therefore this hair has to be re-arranged, so that that all hairs point in the same direction (root and end).

After that the black hair is gently lightened in a time-consuming osmosis process, and then colored to match the different colors of the natural hair spectrum. This hair is suitable for a wearing period of 4 to 6 months.

Where can I get hair extensions in my area?

If you like, then you can contact us at www.hairdreams.com/en/kontakt

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

The wearing period of Hairdreams Hair Extensions depend on your individual hair growth, the structure and volume of your own hair and your desired hairstyle.
The Bondings slowly move away from your scalp along with your natural hair growth. Therefore the Bondings will be more visible after about four to six months, and should be removed.
If you have decided on Special Quality, then you can re-use the hair for another two wearing periods. This service is called Rebonding, and allows you to wear your hair for up to 1.5 years.

Can the Hair Be Re-Used?

Yes, Hairdreams Special Hair can be re-used up to two times. This service is called Rebonding. Only the original Hairdreams Special Hair is so healthy that it can be worn for several wearing periods without a problem.
After removing the strands your Hairdreams stylist will send the strands to Hairdreams. They will receive a new Bonding and are sent back to the stylist.
It is important that your hairdresser keep the Guarantee Cards for your Special strands and send them to Hairdreams along with the hair. The Rebonding Service is only available for original Hairdreams Special Hair.

Are Hair Extensions Hard to Take Care Of?

You need to take care of your Hairdreams Hair as you would of your own long hair.
We have a special Hairdreams Hair Care Line, which is specially formulated to meet the needs of human hair extensions. Your Hairdreams Hair is not connected to your scalp and therefore not automatically supplied with natural conditioning substances. The Hairdreams Hair Care Products target this natural deficiency and balance it. When used regularly your Hairdreams Hair will retain its beautiful shine, optimal elasticity and deep color.
Your Hairdreams Salon will recommend the right combination of products for your hair type.