MADE provide bespoke set and prop design / building throughout London’s leading creative industries. From fashion, to film, to haute hairpieces – MADE continually enable a multitude of creative visions to be realised.

MADE is a partnership between Art Director/ Maker Mark Connell and Designer/ Maker Omar Lado. With a combined technical background in boat building, architectural modelling and product design they have the skills and resources to offer highly successful solutions to a vast and diverse range of ideas.

Mark Connell has additional experience in production design, art direction, digital and TV commercials, music promo, fashion film, short film and live fashion catwalk shows. By applying their artisan approach to craft through the means of cutting edge technology, MADE frequently exceed expectations by pushing budget constraints to produce high end solutions.

CHARLIE work very close with Mark and omar to realise lots of Catwalk pieces for shows and celebrities